Why do you need SEO in 2023?

SEO is the connector between businesses and consumers and it has the power to

Drive Sales
Attract Quality Leads
Rank high on Google
Crush your Competitors
Cost-Effective Marketing
Promote your Business 24/7
Provide Long Lasting Results
Boost’s Brand Visibility

Why Do You Need SEO?

Are you selling products through an ecommerce website, offering a service online or in-person? Or do you simply want people to read your latest blog series? If any of the above apply to you then you need to be utilizing SEO and have it incorporated into your daily marketing efforts. As the majority of consumers are shopping online and/or seeking out reviews before making their purchase, it is imperative that you are properly ensuring your website is SEO optimized. If it isn’t, your website can be shown at the bottom of search engine pages and you will not be receiving any interest in your business. As a business, you want many people visiting your site on a constant basis, sharing your information and ultimately purchasing products or services from you. This can only be done successfully if you are ensuring your web presence is SEO optimized - and this is where SEO Cafe comes in. As SEO requires commitment, dedication, time and a deep understanding of the process, we will take care of all aspects for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch your revenues grow!


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Mel Fisher
Head Of Special Projects + Ops, The Ask
Aret Oymakas
Owner, Livia Diamonds
James Veal
Co-Founder, Stewart-Schafer
Leda Oymakas
Owner, Moissanites
Abigail Regucera
Founder, Abigail Regucera Design & Creative Strategy

I don't know what type of magic powers Jordana has because she was able to bring much more traffic to my website in a span of 3 months! I have gone from 100's of traffic to 1000's ever since working with Jordana. Her knowledge and strategy are impressive. Not only does she provide the work but she also provides suggestions to optimize your site further. She truly has the best interest of business growth in mind. I feel extremely taken care of in Jordana's hands that I can't stop recommending her to my own clients!

Aret Oymakas
CEO, Livia Diamonds

Since working with her for the past two years now, I've had steady growth more customers, more traffic, more closures on clients. All thanks to Jordana. She is wonderful. She is always there to answer any questions, give feedback and always show you where you stand and what we can do to make things better.Thanks to her, we are enjoying our business. We are seeing growth and we couldn’t have done it without her.

James Veal
CEO, Stewart-SchAfer

We've seen some really great results in terms of return on investment as well as a lot of website traction from our SEO efforts. We’ve achieved great keyword rankings on Google Search pages. But what I'm really impressed with is some of the strategies that she implements, she doesn't just do what's necessary to crawl up Google rankings, she actually spends the time to deeply research in terms of keyword strategies and assess the industry to find gaps to optimize. Jordana thoroughly reviews and analyses the data to look for different SEO strategies to get us more business. I can't recommend her enough! If you get to work with her you're very, very lucky.

Leda Oymakas
CEO, Moissanites

I hired Jordana over three years ago and since then my business has doubled up. She helped me with my keyword rankings and website design which has paid off enormously. She routinely helps me with new business strategies that have given me incredible results on search engines which have led to a substantial increase in sales.


What is SEO?

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving your website to ensure that your site’s content is easily visible to those who are looking for your products, or similar products, via search engines such as Google! By analysing keyword data, creating website architecture strategies,  & implementing SEO best practises, you are ensuring that the search engines will put you at the top of the indexed list, to be easily found by those who are seeking you out. In order to be ranked high on search engines, there are three steps:


How to rank high on search engines

1. Crawl

It sounds strange, but these “crawlers,” also known as “spiders,” are so important to your online presence! Their job is to search the internet for new content posted on websites (which includes pages, videos and PDFS) and also follow the links that are embedded within the website. Once this has been completed, they then do their next job of indexing.

2. Index

This is when the search engine stores all of the content that has been gathered by the crawlers. Information such as keywords, data, and user engagement is all stored and indexed into a massive database. When a user searches on the internet, this information is pulled from the index and presented to the user. This is why ensuring you have new content posted frequently and using the right keywords are so important!

3. Rank

Once the information has been indexed, the search engine then categorizes the web pages and ranks them on the relevance of the user who is searching the internet for your products or those that are similar. Therefore, the higher your web pages rank, the more visibility it will have, ensuring your business is getting the attention it deserves.


What Does SEO Entail?

SEO is multifaceted and it takes into account over 200 website ranking factors. It is important to remember that all aspects of SEO must be done properly to ensure the best outcome for your online presence. SEO entails:

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword R&A  is the act of knowing what your consumer is looking for, and the language they will be using when looking for products or services. It is a (technical) art of knowing which words that will be used when people will be searching for your product/services, so that the search engines will be able to match your website with the exact or similar words the consumer will be using. If you are using the same language as your audience, this will help the search engines connect them to your website, therefore a better search ranking position for your site.

Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are web links from other websites that link back to any of your web pages. These are very important and have always been a staple with SEO as they have significant value for search engines. Backlinks act as “green flags” for your webpages. The more you have, the higher rank your website will have in terms of authority in the eyes of search engines. It shows how popular your website is throughout the web, essentially acting as validation and proof that the information you are providing is valuable and creditable. At SEO Cafe we only use “white hat” backlinks as it is important to have links on other sites that have a low spam score and high domain authority to help your SEO efforts.

Content Creation & Optimization

In addition to other aspects of SEO, content tends to be the biggest commitment for businesses and one of the most taxing. However, when done properly, content is so impactful. It keeps your consumer coming back, and plays a large part in ensuring your website is found and is ranked on the top pages of search engines. Above using your targeted keywords, it is MOST important to create content that is USEFUL and that offers VALUE to your target audience. Fresh and consistent content also tells the web crawlers that the your website is active and gives them information to index, which all plays an important part in SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is yet another optimization that your website needs in order for search engines to be able to crawl your site easily and effectively. Some best practises include making sure your site is secure by having an SSL certificate, ensuring your website loading speed is fast enough so users don’t bounce off your site, having an up to date XML sitemap, and many more! It is best to start with technical SEO to make sure that the proper foundation has been setup to build off of. It is very important to regularly check in on these technical aspects through Google Search Console or other tools alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth hiring an SEO company?

Hiring an SEO company can be a worthwhile decision for businesses looking to boost their online presence and improve search engine rankings. These companies offer specialized expertise, time-saving resources, and tailored strategies to achieve targeted results. By investing in professional SEO assistance, businesses can gain a competitive edge, experience long-term benefits, and see a significant return on their investment through increased organic traffic and improved visibility

How much do SEO companies charge?

Some, low quality search engine providers can cost around $500 – $1000 per month. Whereas more comprehensive SEO providers charge closer to $2,000 to $4000 per month. Usually, the budget for a company is about $500 or $10,000 per year but it heavily depends on the scope of work involved.

Is it worth paying a SEO company?

90% of online searches start with Google. That said, paying for an SEO company can be worth it for many businesses. SEO companies offer specialized expertise, time-saving resources, and the potential for significant improvements in website visibility and organic traffic. Their customized strategies can help businesses compete effectively in competitive industries and achieve a strong return on investment. However, it's essential to choose a reputable SEO company to ensure the best results.

What does an SEO consultant do?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant is a professional who provides expert advice, guidance, and support to businesses or individuals seeking to improve their online visibility and search engine rankings. Their primary role is to optimize websites and online content so that they rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby driving more organic traffic to the website.

What is the qualification of SEO consultant?

Qualified SEO consultants should have a combination of technical expertise, data-driven decision-making abilities, and the communication skills necessary to work effectively with clients and team members. Continuous learning and staying informed about the latest SEO trends are also crucial to maintaining a successful career in this field.

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