What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform. As Google is the number one search engine software in the world, it is extremely important that you are utilizing Google Ads to ensure your website is the first thing people see when they are searching for products similar or akin to what you offer. Google Ads allows you to bid on keywords and create online advertisements, including specific ads for those who are interested in the services that you offer. You pay for how far your ad will go & how many clicks or conversions you will see. Investing in a Google Ads campaign, whether it’s search ads, shopping ads, or youtube ads, it’s a very important platform to consider as it expands the reach of your business. These ads can be tailored for your specific campaign goals as well- by choosing which audiences you’d like to target, which countries, and which devices. The more people your ad reaches, the more clicks and interest will be generated around your business, therefore meaning more brand awareness, retention, and more sales! Not sure where to start with implementing Google Ads into your business? Not to worry, This is our area expertise - we are here to help your business succeed. Setup a consultation call with us to learn more.


Drive Traffic and Conversions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must when it comes to your business. You must be visible in the top rankings of Google to grab your searcher’s attention and attract prospective buyers looking for your products or services. SEO consists of multiple strategies, optimizations, and best practices, all of which have the end goal of improving your website’s position on search engine pages.

Target consumers at every stage of your buyer’s journey

Ultimately, this means that Google Ads gives you the option for producing targeted ads for your audience at all stages of the buyer's journey. Has your customer just started looking at products? You can create an ad for them. Perhaps they have put something into their online cart, but closed the page down before buying. There is an ad for them too! Regardless of where in the buyer's journey your consumer is, there is an ad that you can create specifically for them. This is especially unique and valuable for your business, as you can bid on specific keywords or whole sentences, to ensure you are capturing exactly what your consumer is searching for. This combination allows for great exposure and potential sales for your business.

Authentic Intent

What is important to keep in mind is that no one wants to have unrelated ads thrown in their faces while they are searching for something specific online. Unlike social media which can be overwhelming with ads, Google ensures that the ads they recommend on their platform are organic and relevant to what the consumer is searching for. This is an instant bonus for your business, as the recommendation for your website is genuine, authentic and most importantly relevant.


What Does Google Ads Entail?

Similarly to SEO, there are a handful of aspects that make up Google Ads. There are various steps you will go through when deciding to utilize Google Ads which may be overwhelming, but this is where SEO Cafe comes in. You can rest assured we will take care of everything from the campaign strategy, setup, and ongoing optimizations to ensure the highest ROI for you business. Here are some pieces to the Google Ads puzzle:

Ad Ranking

This is knowing exactly where your ad is placed within the sea of other ads. In short, the higher your ad’s Quality Score is the more people it will reach and the lower your “cost per click” falls.. This is important, as the more people see your ads, the chances of them clicking into it will increase. Many factors attribute to this “quality score” which include, page loading speed, keyword relevance to you content, page user experience, etc… That said, it is important to have a specialist run ads for your business to get the biggest bang for you buck!


In short, bidding is the amount of money that will be put behind your ads. The more money that is put towards each ad the better, as the ads will go farther meaning more people will see them. There are many different types of bidding, for example CPC (cost per click), Manual CPC or Automated,  CPE (cost per engagement) and more. We will help you in choosing which method makes the most sense for your business needs to ensure the greatest ROI possible.

Click Through Rate

Also known as CTR, click through rate is the measurement of how many clicks the ad gets in relation to the number of views. Ideally, ads should have a high CTR, as this means the ad matches what your target audience is looking for through searches and keywords. That said, you could be bidding on highly competitive keywords so there are many important factors to consider when deciding to start running a campaign.


Remarketing Ads is when by using technology and data tracking, we can strategically target Ads to people who are more willing to make a desirable action on your website. Here is an example, let’s say someone added a product to their cart last week but never went through with the product. Knowing this, we can add them to a remarketing Google Ads campaign to remarket to them as we already know they are interested and ready to make a purchase. Who know, they could have gotten distracted at the time and are now read to make the purchase!

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